KCL Sealcoating provides premium sealcoat application using the latest technology and equipment available. The equipment utilizes a niche, high-end quality sealcoating solution that will allow for a more durable and longer lifespan application.  This product will give a richer appearance, while using a superior and consistent high-grade of raw materials and quality control to maximize the life and appearance of the sealcoat. This more refined sealcoat is ultimately what leads to a more satisfying product for our customers.

The Equipment:  

Our equipment is the “SealMaster SprayMaster™ Tank with Pro-Air System.  The tank system features a dependable and low-maintenance air driven dual diaphragm pump that shifts to neutral automatically when the wand or spray bar is shut off. The spray pavement sealer has a sand loading of 50 GPM.  Additionally, it is a hydraulically controlled full sweep agitator with rubber wiper blades and an upgraded 100 ft. hose/spray wand.  This agitation is the key feature to the quality and consistency of the operation. This agitator allows for product consistency in application with a higher concentration of sand.  The optional features include a 50 gallon water tank, a hydraulic material pump system and spray-bar.


The “Hot Crack Sealer” is a “Ryno Worx RY10 Pro Melter Applicator”.  This piece of equipment is key to the operation as a value added feature to KCL Sealcoating.  It provides high margin “crack sealing” in an efficient manner with the provided technology that allows for fast operation with its quick heating applicator.