KCL – How We Do What We do

Can you think of anything more tedious than reading a blog about sealcoating?

Instead of boring you with lots of useless info about our industry, let’s just give you some facts about using our service. KCL Sealcoating is not like most sealcoating businesses. So what makes us different?

Our equipment utilizes a hydraulic mixer/agitator to ensure a consistent level of concentration. This is of great importance! Be careful of companies that do not add sand or that do not use agitators. Also beware of “hand mixers” (that are often never used), as several turns of a hand crank does not create a high quality product mixture.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reliability and we will take the time to properly prepare your driveway for sealing. We have a water spray system to cool your driveway on those hot summer days, as this ensures the sealant will adhere properly to the asphalt–something else most of our competitors do not bother with.

Not all sealcoating products are the same – cheaper is not always better.  There are many levels of dilution and “filler” ingredients that often get used.

The manufacturer stores the product as a concentrate that gets mixed with water to achieve a sprayable solution. Some companies will request more water to be added to the mix, and even add more water back at their shop in order to increase their profit margin by “stretching” the product.

KCL Sealcoating uses the minimum amount of water required to spray a consistent volume of product.  We then add a heavy ratio of sand to the mix, to maximize the product strength and durability.  When adding sand, you want to make sure it is properly agitated to keep the dilution consistent and the sand is suspended throughout the mixture. It’s not rocket science, but it is the key to doing the job properly.

Do you need a personalized quote for your driveway, parking lot or other sealcoating requirement? Contact Us and we would be happy to help in any way we can.

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